SmartWater implementation process

The basis to minimize costs and maximize profits, is on simplicity in use technologies and training, present throughout the process of implementation and support.

1. SmartWater software evaluation

The objective of this phase is to evaluate funcionality of SmartWater and to verificate that it is  properly adapted to the needs of the organization.

So we have put at your disposal an EVALUATION COURSE that contains a complete product DEMO and an educational overview of how they perform from SmartWater several process into aquaculture production management, from a standpoint of Production Operational Manager, of Health Manager and of Production Center Manager.

To access the course you need a password, ask for it now, emailing and indicating the following information:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Position
  • Country

Please, note that our ENGLISH EVALUATION COURSE is getting improved for the moment, and it will be available soon, sorry for any inconvenience. DEMOS are only available on-line directly with our expert support team.

Access to training:

2. Quotation and acceptance - Software as a Service

If the SmartWater software evaluation phase has successfully completed, it is time to agree on the economic conditions that will lead to the start of the implementation phase of SmartWater.

As a first step you must apply the budget via e-mail to, indicating the following:

  • Net sales of the company last year (testable)
  • Volume of production by specie
  • Name of production centers and companies to manage, included locations.
  • Number of users (aprox.) that will work with SmartWater


As a result of this, PARTICULAR ECONOMIC CONDITIONS will apply and will be emailed for formal acceptance, and start implementation.

It is very important to know your size, through the sales and volume of production by species, as our model adapts to all types of businesses, from large corporations to small farmers and artisanal fisheries, and these are the main parameters calculation of the monthly fee.

3. Parameterization, configuration, adaptation and SmartWater implemented

Once managed the administrative side, it is time to start the following tasks:

  1. System configuration, which will be company-specific.
  2. Parameterization, through PARAMETRIZATION GUIDE. This work is able to perform yourself or let us give you a hand.
  3. Software adaptations, that are specific development needs of each customer and must be transmitted in any phase of the implementation process. The cost of these adaptations is assumed by SmartWater if they are considered as an improvement in the standard of product and join the evolutionary roadmap of the application. Otherwise or if their development is urgently required, it will be subject to agreed budget.
  4. Implementation, training and ongoing support. As contact and training in SmartWater is done from first contact and from the Evaluation Phase, periods of adaptation and knowledge about use of software are shortened, as with the practical management software during the parameterization phase, being the company and users who increase the intensity of training as they wish. SmartWater team is accessible at all times support and actively participate in this phase, remotely, or through consultants in the area.

Other considerations that facilitate implantation

Sometimes the presence of SmartWater consultants teamis required to train users, this may increase the costs of implementation, but also strengthens the confidence in using software. It would be subject to a training budget.

The connection to the support team can be by telephone, mail, web support platform or videoconference, as needed.

SmartWater is traim¡ng continuously specialized international consultants who can help in parameterization, go-live and training where appropriate. It would be subject to budgetary arrangements and if required his presence.

From the SmartWater support team we will help you throughout the entire implementation process and also training of people, see you soon.
testimonial author
Alejandro Granado
Senior Consultant SmartWater